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Germany 2006 FIFA World Cup Venues

FIFA World Cup Host Cities - NUREMBERG

Nuremberg city profile

Population: 500,000
Federal State: Bavaria
Airports: Nürnberg Airport
Origins: The first documentary evidence of Nürnberg dates back to 1050. In 1062, Henry III conferred market, coinage and custom-levying rights upon Nürnberg.
Football Clubs: 1. FC Nürnberg (Bundesliga)

Nuremberg Germany 2006Nuremberg can look back on a long history. The city located at the heart of the Franconia region was already mentioned in 1050 in a document that records a court assembly held there by the German Emperor Henry III in that year. During the dynasty of the Staufen emperors, there was a rapid development of a settlement here, and in 1219 it received its charter of liberty.

In the 14th century, the settlement was proclaimed a Free Imperial City. In 1356, Emperor Charles IV stipulated in the "Golden Bull" that every emperor must hold his first Imperial Diet in Nuremberg. The Nuremberg merchants, the so-called "moneybags ", and the city's immensely skilled artisans secured Nuremberg's outstanding position in the Middle Ages.

Major works of art were created here - most famously, the woodcarvings of Veit Stoss and the works of Albrecht Dürer. Wars and the resulting shifts in trade routes gradually diminished Nuremberg's importance. In 1649, at the end of the Thirty Years War, the funds of the once prosperous city were exhausted.

The Napoleonic invasion accelerated this decline. In 1806, Nuremberg lost its charter as a Free Imperial City and was incorporated in the Kingdom of Bavaria. This, however, soon proved to be a blessing in disguise, as the city rapidly developed, becoming the largest industrial centre in Bavaria. A symbol of this new ascent was the opening in 1835 of Germany's first railway line, between Nuremberg and Fuerth.

Today, Nuremberg is in the process of transforming itself from an industrial city to a technology-based service centre. Nuremberg, an important trade fair location, lies at the heart of a conurbation with a total of 2.5 million inhabitants.

In addition to football, Nuremberg is also a traditional venue for cycle racing, ice hockey and motor racing. The Norisring race track is famous for the Nuremberg 200 miles car race held there every year. The "Nürnberger " team takes part in international cycling events and is the co-operation partner of the German Telecom team headed by Tour de France winner Jan Ullrich.

The Nuremberg Ice Hockey Club's "Ice-Tigers" team plays successfully in the German Ice Hockey League, and the International Track and Field Meeting in Nuremberg is an important fixture in the track and field world. Nuremberg's team 1. FC Nürnberg is a nine-times winner of the German Football Championship.

A total of 114 football clubs play in the Nuremberg-Fuerth district, including three-time German champion SpVgg Greuther Fürth - currently playing in the Zweite Bundesliga. 30 international clubs are also integrated in the match activities for which 340 football grounds are available.

Major Events at the Nuremberg Franken-Stadion
  • European Final of the 1967 Cup Winners FC Bayern München vs. Glasgow Rangers!!
  • International matches

Nuremberg stadium profile

Population: 490,000
Stadium: Frankenstadion
Project: Reconstruction
Investment: 56 million Euro

Gross Capacity: 41,926
Total Seating Capacity: 36,898 (*)
Purchasable Ticket Capacity (**)
  • Group stage: 32,341
  • Round of sixteen: 31,995

Nuremberg StadiumOnly three of the stadiums at the 2006 FIFA World Cup continue to feature an athletics track: Berlin, Stuttgart and Nuremberg. The remaining venues are all football-only stadiums. Nevertheless, the Frankenstadion boasts a unique atmosphere and superb facilities.

From the planning phase onwards, reconstruction at the ground incorporated eco-friendly measures including a vast rainwater collection cistern capable of supplying the stadium's entire sprinkling and watering needs. The arena operates an "Eco Management and Audio Scheme", an environmental optimisation system designed to make the most efficient use of scarce resources.

The playing area has been lowered and additional seating installed to increase the number of seats by 5,500 to 45,500 (Bundesliga capacity). The ground floor under the main stand has been transformed into a 300 square metre Mixed Zone, underneath a three-storey VIP building for special guests and the media. All reconstruction measures were completed in April 2005.

The new Frankenstadion hosted three matches at the FIFA Confederations Cup 2005, including the group stage meeting between Germany and Argentina, and the Germany v Brazil semi-final.

The original 50,000 capacity Municipal Stadium took just three years to construct before opening in 1928. Following 1. FC Nuremberg's eighth German championship triumph in 1961, the city elected to reconstruct the ground in time for the Bundesliga's inaugural season. The stadium was again renovated between 1987 and 1991 and given its current name.

Half from the Free State of Bavaria, the other half from the city authorities.

(*) "Total Seating Capacity" means the Gross Capacity less the seats unavailable for use due to restricted views and security/contingency reserves for the 2006 FIFA World Cup. This capacity is estimated and may change once these deductions are finally determined.
(**) "Purchasable Ticket Capacity" means the Total Seating Capacity less tickets reserved for the media and press, VIP requirements and complimentary tickets. This capacity is based on maximum media requirements and may change once these requirements are finally determined.

Berlin Cologne
Hamburg Frankfurt
Hanover Kaiserslautern
Dortmund Nuremberg
Gelsenkirchen Stuttgart
Leipzig Munich
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